You need to upload your aadhaar details to some form/portal but have misplaced it?

Aadhaar from ( the unique identification number is issued to you by the government. Its best feature is its digital format which has same validity as the original. This unique identity card is forgery-proof and cannot be stolen. It uses your bio-metric data for your identification. With the government making it compulsory in many aspects, its availability with you 24*7 is very important.

Follow these simple steps to check your aadhaar details in minutes.

  1. Follow this link
  2. Under aadhaar enrollment column, select retrieve lost UID/EID.
  3. You can download your e-aadhaar in 2 ways:
  4. Using your enrolment number:
    *Enter your 28 digit enrollment number
    *Enter your full name as in aadhaar
    *Enter your pin code
    *Enter OTP received on your registered mobile number
    *Enter TOTP in case you are using mAadhaar using the mobile app.

Using Aadhaar number:

  • Enter your 12 digit aadhaar number
  • Enter your full name
  • Enter your pin code
  • Enter OTP received on your mobile number. Enter TOTP in case of mAadhaar.

Use combination of first 4 letters of your name in CAPITAL and the year of birth as password. E.g. name: rakesh; DOB: 2-05-1988

Password: RAKE1988


Things to take care of:

  1. Install adobe reader in your system
  1. Always keep your mobile number updated in the Aadhaar database.


The whole purpose of making this tutorial was to help you out in need. Since aadhaar is now a much sought after ID here, you need to have it all time. Hope this step by step guide and the corresponding links will ease your work next time when you will need your aadhaar. Keep all your information handy when you wish to have e-aadhaar.

Don’t forget to share the steps with your dear ones. Who knows when they might need it?