A Team Sports View Of Nutrition: Calcium

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Thank you. Coaches, trainers, and physical therapists play supporting roles to the individual who gets the spotlight, with individual sports. Of course, almost any four years, the world comes gether to celebrate the Olympic games. Considering the above said. When calcium is outofbalance with the other essential nutrients more than just our bones suffer. Basically, the risk of arterial calcification and resultant cardiovascular disease increases. It also plays vital roles in hormone regulation, muscle function, and proper heart and blood vessel function. Soccer and volleyball, for the sake of example, are team sports, whereas boxing and tennis are more individual. For optimal health, we need to view calcium holistically, as one player working in concert with many other key nutrients, certainly we require dietary calcium. Oftentimes olympic sports are broadly classified as either teamor ‘individually based’. Bone strength is optimized while fracture risk is minimized, when calcium and associated nutrient levels are properly balanced.

Winning usually requires strong team dynamics and success stories are almost always collaborative efforts, with team sports.

Now this means even if you consume adequate calcium, you it is especially relevant considering that 42 of US adults are vitamin D deficient, with deficiency rates being even higher among blacks and Hispanics dot 3 Magnesium is another essential mineral with respect to calcium. Like D and A, the optimum ratio of calcium to magnesium is around Focusing on calcium without considering magnesium is problematic dot 10 Vitamin K works synergistically with other fat soluble vitamins, to maintain serum calcium concentrations and for bone tissue maintenance. Knowing this, this particular critical role on team calcium, that vitamin K supplementation can be an important health strategy dot 1415 It is established that protein consumption promotes increased urinary calcium excretion. More info is here: More details.

Now this means that calcium absorption becomes more efficient as protein consumption increases. Likewise, concerns about the impact of protein on acid production appear to be minor compared with the alkalinizing effects of fruits and vegetables.18 Net acid alkaline load is an important component of health. They ate animal protein, they ate proportionally more vegetables, fruits, and identical ‘net alkaline’ foods. Anyway, a further benefit of increased vegetable consumption is higher potassium to sodium ratios. Basically, the Paleo diet is the ideal template for consuming these nutrients in their proper ratios, now this may sound complicated. It’s significant since higher potassium to sodium ratios may can be prudent. Whenever coaching private clients, teaching cooking workshops worldwide, and managing the kitchen for a renowned Greek yoga resort, for the past decade plus, he had been designing menus, recipes, and food concepts for restaurants and spas.